Soft Capsule Modular Cleanroom Request Form

The key to a successful Esco New Equipment purchase is to have our engineers initiate the project in the right direction. This happens with the Custom Request Form or Project Questionnaire.

The questions that are asked on the form are critical aspects for all applications. You can help Esco by being prepared to answer the questions on the form. With all the information your proposal, purchase, delivery and installation of your new Esco equipment will be more timely and accurate because of the care taken to start on the right foot.

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Section I: Requester Information
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Section II: Product Information
Please enter cleanliness class iso.

Internal Dimensions:

NB: Ceiling grid is standard 2'x4', specify dimensions in 2'x4' units AS FAR AS POSSIBLE

Please enter length.
Please enter width.
Please enter height
  Standard Powder Coated Steel Sections
  Stainless Steel 304
  Stainless Steel 316
  Standard Esco Airstream FFU, AC Fan, Hepa Filter, Prefilter, Variable Speed Control
  Other, specify :
  Standard Isostat Vinyl
  Other, specify :
  Standard Tear-Drop
  Other, specify :
  Standard Centrally-Mounted, 1 Light Switch, 1 FFU Switch
  Other, specify :
  Standard Casters
  Leveling Feet
  Standard Factory Assembly Then Dismantle to Test Fit (No Extra Charge)
  Complete Factory Assembly, Certification (Airflow, Filter Integrity, Particle Count, Light, Noise Test) - Extra Charge Will Apply
  None (Standard)
  Factory Engineer to Site to Supervise Installation (Extra Charge)
  Factory Engineer to Site to Supervise Installation and Perform Certification Tests (Extra Charge)
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