IVF Workstation Application Questionnaire

The key to a successful Esco New Equipment purchase is to have our engineers initiate the project in the right direction. This happens with the Custom Request Form or Project Questionnaire.

The questions that are asked on the form are critical aspects for all applications. You can help Esco by being prepared to answer the questions on the form. With all the information your proposal, purchase, delivery and installation of your new Esco equipment will be more timely and accurate because of the care taken to start on the right foot.

Section I: About Your Company
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Section II: Workstation
  Esco Standard 1.2m/4feet (Internal Width), IVF-4AX | Quantity:

  Esco Standard 1.8m/6' (Internal Width) ), IVF-6AX | Quantity:
Section III: Microscope and Microscope Accessories

Oocyte pick-up, embryo handling and micromanipulation require various types of microscopes. Most common models of stereo zoom microscopes, transmitted light sources and inverted microscopes can be integrated into Esco IVF Workstations.

These are different types of microscopes used for various IVF applications:

a. Upright microscope - sperm vitality tests and ova collections.

b. Inverted microscope - use with micro-manipulator for processes such as IXCI, IMSI.

c. Stereo microscope - ova selection, pre-treatment of ova by means of IVF techniques and for manipulation.

a. How many units of microscope(s)?
b. Microscope Supply Mode
  Customer Supplies Existing Microscope
Manufacturer (Microscope Brand):
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Microscope Stand Model/Item Code or Part No:
Please Attach Microscope Datasheet, Mechanical Drawing(s) :

Current Microscope we have used before:

Nikon: SMZ645, SMZ800, SMZ1000 and SMZ1500

ONLY with C-BD230 or C-DSD Diascopic stand.

Carl Zeiss: Stemi 2000

Olympus: SZX10

  Purchased and Built-In by Esco
c. Desired Microscope Mounting Position
d. Specific Mounting Position
  Factory standard
  User Specified
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Distance from front (mm):
a. Supply Mode
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b. Specific Mounting Position
Section IV: Heated Light Stage
Ensures more accurate and reliable thermal control of specimens during observation under the microscope. Esco is using a standard model from Tokai MATS-USMZR regardless of microscope model.
a. Tokai Plate Supply Mode:
Section V: Options and Accessories
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